A product
you can trust
Clarinol Xs
with exercise
Many studies have shown that Clarinol XS is a safe supplement with no adverse effects when taken in the recommended doses. Clarinol XS has been consumed as directed in Europe for more than seven years without any incident. Long term studies in overweight (2-years, 3.4 g/day) and obese (1 year, 6g/day) subjects have now conclusively confirmed the safety of the mixture.
The US. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the following functional claims:
  • Clarinol XS reduces weight gain
  • Clarinol XS increases lean muscle mass
  • Clarinol XS reduces body fat
  • Clarinol XS maintains body weight level
Several scientific studies conducted at esteemed institutes and universities including the University of Wisconsin, show that Clarinol XS supplementation decreases body fat and increases lean muscle mass, especially in people who combine it with regular exercise.

√ Clarinol XS has been investigated thoroughly to ensure consumer safety with positive results published in peer-reviewed journals.

√ Clarinol XS is a safe supplement where human studies show no adverse effects from taking the recommended dose.