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Clinical studies
Clarinol Xs in Children

Clarinol® XS is a safe and effective weight management supplement. The safety of Clarinol® CLA has been extensively reviewed and is FDA GRAS (Food and Drug Administration – Generally Recognized As Safe) approved and received a positive EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) opinion of the safety for use in certain food categories. Long term studies of up to 2-years, and CLA doses of up to 8.0g per day have been used and illustrate the safety of the mixture.

Studies show Clarinol® XS is a safe supplement with no adverse effects from taking the recommended doses. Clarinol® XS has been consumed as directed in Europe for several years without incident.
The safety of Clarinol® XS was proven in many clinical studies. Close monitoring of blood parameters and insulin sensitivity showed that neither was adversely affected. With this new confirmation of Clarinol® XS body-shaping capabilities, it is clearer than ever that this unique product can safely and effectively play a role unequalled by any other product in the market today in helping people achieve their health, appearance and wellness goals.

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