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Clinical studies
Clarinol Xs in Children

Of all weight-management ingredients designed to optimize body composition, CLA and L-Carnitine (the main ingredients of Clarinol® XS), are best researched. more than 2700 publications have been produced and different health benefits have been attribut¬ed to it.

Studies by several institutes confirm that CLA helps reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass. While a recent meta-analysis of 18 peer-reviewed studies has confirmed the body fat-reducing effects of CLA, a new study with Clarinol® CLA actually pinpoints the regions in the body where this fat loss occurs. The volunteers in this study lost an average of 2kg of fat (4.4 lbs) largely from the legs and waist area. Significant fat loss was observed in as few as three months and occurred independent of physical exercise or dieting.

In addition to the region-specific fat loss, the volunteers also gained lean muscle mass. Further research indicates that CLA can also minimize the side effects of a low-calorie diet.

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